AusGroup is a leading integrated services provider in the Asia Pacific region, with its three subsidiary companies AGC, MAS and NT Port and Marine (NTPM) playing a significant role in a number of high-profile resources and energy projects, including the INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG project in the Northern Territory.

AusGroup has built a strong reputation for delivering long-term value to clients and their projects. Under the AusGroup umbrella, the combined strength of the AGC, MAS and NTPM brands offers an all-in-one solution which offers delivery agility and flexibility to tailor project plans to meet the individual needs of clients.

From its base in East Arm, AusGroup’s Darwin Operations provides painting, insulation, fireproofing and scaffolding solutions and is the largest in the region. Over 4,500 tonnes of scaffold material are on hand to meet the needs of the largest and most demanding of projects, including the first INPEX shutdown which AusGroup supported by supplying 700 tonnes of scaffolding materials together with transport and logistics, design, estimation, and quality control solutions.

AusGroup is not new to the Northern Territory. Its brands have developed strong reputations over many years in the territory, and its established history in the Darwin region reflects a longevity and agility that mirrors AusGroup’s market presence in the Asia Pacific region more broadly.

“Our business framework supports rapid engagement and rollout where required, and our commitment to accountability to our clients remains strong. This goes a long way to explaining why AusGroup as an organisation has been in business for so long,” Shane explained.

While AusGroup’s physical presence in the region is market-leading, it’s the intangible elements of its business model that truly stand it apart from its competitors. Relationship-building is at the heart of the AusGroup approach, and this plays an important part in explaining AusGroup’s success.

“We prioritise trusted business partnerships,” explained Clinton Ormerod, AusGroup’s Operations Manager in the Northern Territory. “Being accountable to clients is at the core of what we do, and accountability applies to everyone at every level of our organisation. We’re united by that.”

Opportunity-building is also at the heart of the AusGroup approach. AusGroup’s commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and engagement is well-known, and it has taken an innovative approach to initiatives under the umbrella of its Reflect Reconciliation Plan, which has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

“We genuinely recognise that we are in a unique position to provide opportunity. We see this as a core part of our business purpose. It’s more than just words for us, and our commitment to reconciliation initiatives is proof of this,” said Clinton.

In the Northern Territory, the AusGroup commitment to reconciliation is evidenced by its sponsorship of the Tiwi Islands Football League. “The Northern Territory will continue to be an important centre for AusGroup activity and it’s important for us to give back where we can,” Shane Kimpton explained. “This is a big part of what AusGroup is, and we’re immensely proud of this.”

[Image: Clinton Ormerod – Operations Manager, NT at AusGroup Darwin Operations, East Arm, NT]