AusGroup and its three subsidiary companies AGC, MAS and NT Port and Marine (NTPM) continue to play a significant role in several high-profile energy projects for operators including INPEX, Chevron and ESSO projects.

Integrated maintenance services remain core to the business and are the foundations from which the business has seen significant growth over the last 32 years.

With strategic locations in Karratha, Darwin and Kwinana, the business is well placed to service key LNG projects in WA and interstate.

Over 30 years of experience means AusGroup, and its subsidiary brands AGC and MAS, have developed a strong reputation over many years that reflects a longevity and agility that mirrors AusGroup’s market presence in the Asia Pacific region more broadly.

Shane Kimpton, AusGroup CEO and Managing Director, explained, “Our business framework supports rapid engagement and rollout where required, and our commitment to accountability to our Energy clients remains strong. This goes a long way to explaining why AusGroup as an organisation has been in business for so long.”

Maintenance project front-end loading capability is a core differential

A key differential for AusGroup in the marketplace place is their front-end loading capabilities for maintenance projects which includes planning, work packing, evaluation and scheduling of work scopes and subsequent resource recruitment, procurement, and the ultimate execution.

The estimating process at AusGroup is based on identifying discrete tasks and quantifying those tasks themselves at the principle level of estimation along with utilising unit rates and norms gathered through years of experience on live LNG plants.

Breaking down projects into discrete identifiable tasks, and focusing on the elements associated with those tasks provides a more flexible and realistic approach to project management that provides the most cost-effective and certainty of outcomes.

This is quite different to the way other firms complete their estimating functions compared to AusGroup.

A focus on continuous improvement

AusGroup are a multi-disciplinary organisation with different service lines and data tracking, with reporting tools applied to all these service lines, including mechanical, electrical, industrial, construction, fabrication, and fireproofing.

Data capture—regardless of what that data is—really comes in to its own when it can be analysed, interpreted, and applied in ways that might not immediately be obvious. The step beyond this, which is focused on making meaningful change to improve, is truly where AusGroup stands apart from its peers.

This approach supports and encourages a mindset of continuous improvement, and a team who have the experience, the ability and the confidence to make changes that improve both efficiency and effectiveness.

A highly talented and experienced team

AusGroup is genuinely a highly experienced, high calibre group of likeminded people who are proud to work for the business and who are focused on fulfilling the AusGroup vision to be the leading integrated services provider.

They pride themselves on transparency and openness and genuinely believe in the partnerships built with clients over the years are based on a foundation of trust. Every employee throughout the organisation has a role to play in the building of trusted relationships, regardless of role or seniority.

AusGroup has a clear framework which enables them to effectively manage all maintenance projects for clients, and to always focus on continuous improvement. It’s a framework that is built on a desire to be truly transparent with clients.

Trust and transparency are characteristics that are consistent across the company and the people within it, and that’s a big part of why AusGroup has such a strong reputation in the industry.