The complex LTCS and duplex bore spools fabrication included:

– 750 NB Piping heavy wall piping
– 100+ welded joints completed with minimal weld repairs
– TIG, FCAW, SAW and TIP-TIG welding techniques utilised
– Humidur coating applied
– Hot work insulation

Fabrication of the large pipe bridges and structures included:

– > 60 tonne Plus trestles and pipe bridges
– L0 testing and Z25 testing applied to all material
– 100+ Pipe supports
– Surveyed structure for easy install on site

The spools fabrication was complex, with weld procedure specifications required for duplex/carbon overlay welding and an acute focus on quality was maintained throughout to achieve the desired result.

The fabrication was completed over of 20,000+ man hours with Zero LTI’s.


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