The Project

AusGroup was engaged to carry out to the adjustment of the cooling fan blades of the Fin Fans on Train 1 and 2 at the Wheatstone facility.


  • Daytime temperatures limited the number of fans that could be shut down simultaneously. Cooler temperatures overnight made it possible to shut down a bank of 3 fans simultaneously which allowed the crew to carry out the adjustment on these units in one shift.
  • The high temperatures and humidity had the potential to cause fatigue issues for the crews. Working at night addressed this and a mid-campaign RDO helped ensure the crews avoided the fatigue problems often associated with an extended period of nightshift.
  • Working conditions and adherence to a tight schedule were monitored and support was provided by AGC’s onsite Supervisors and HES personnel throughout the campaign by implementing split shifts to support the crew.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

  • Optimizing efficiencies during the campaign to generate time/cost savings.
  • Savings Realised 10% reduction in cost ($37k) from Tr1 to Tr2.


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