Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Rope Access Windsock Replacement

A program initiated by the AusGroup RA team on TAR101 was to replace the windsocks throughout the plant after highlighting issues with the current methods of installation on temporary scaffold structures. Ideas were brainstormed for an easier, safer and more time efficient alternative, eventually developing a plan to install swivel poles.

MR-PR Access Platform

During Pre-works for TAR101 the MR-PR scaffold platforms were heavily influenced by engineering and as a result ongoing re-visits and work was performed to meet unclear guidelines and expectations. Total costs for the 2 x platforms was an astonishing 1400 man hours at completion.

CVX engaged Worley Parsons for the engineering component of the same platforms on TAR106 well in advance of the commencement of the build. AusGroup reviewed all stages of the engineering providing feedback until a stage where we were comfortable with the design to AS/NZ standards.

AusGroup then, based on lessons learnt and efficiencies, provided Lump Sum Pricing for the erection of MR-PR scaffold platforms for 600 man hours. Total hours saving in excess of 800 man hours for the erection by setting clear objectives upfront.

Access TAR101 vs TAR106

As part of lesson’s learnt and efficiencies during TAR106 Phase 5 execution we have improved in the following areas reducing costs and providing synergies such as:

  • Workpack formulation through use of ExTag and like for like scope
  • Introduction and Management of Execution Workpacks for emergent and execution scope
  • Manhours/Tonne averaging 25-30 on TAR106 versus 30-35 on TAR101
  • Identification of Detailed Norms required for execution including
    • Tool Time Hour inclusions required
    • Detailed activities to accurately capture cost & scheduled durations
    • Items per 3 Man crew in a productive day


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