The Project

AusGroup was engaged to carry out the substation lighting maintenance works at the Gorgon facility.


  • Supply chain delays resulted in some materials availability issues. Regular assessment of available inventory and outstanding maintenance allowed the crews to work around the issue throughout the campaign.
  • With 70 substations and over 2800 light units tracking progress was essential and the AGC crew maintained a detailed progress tracker throughout the campaign.
  • Multiple Integrity Critical (IC) light unit failures were rectified during the campaign. This work was integrated into the crew’s daily activity by direct liaison with the site planners managing the IC work scope.
  • Availability of shared resources on site for electrical isolations were addressed by upskilling the crew to authorized isolators.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

  • Identified several planning optimisations for future work.
  • Regular campaign manpower reviews based on workflow, crew size optimized to reduce cost.


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