Fabrication of 12 x lime silos at our Kwinana hub. Each of them are 6.5m in diameter, 17m long and weigh 22T.

A ‘semi-automated’ welding process was used for all the associated long fillet welds which gives higher deposition rates, leaves a neater weld whilst saving time.


CSBP Brownfield Maintenance and Support Services

AusGroup were awarded a contract brownfield maintenance and in 2020 to provide support services for the…

FQM Ravensthorpe Shoemaker Levy Project – Conveyor Truss Assembly

Assembly, verification and shipment of 33 prefabricated truss sections for a 9KM overland conveyor.

Yara Pilbara Ammonia Plant

Yara Pilbara’s ammonia plant underwent a major turnaround in July 2018. For this window, AGC executed…