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AusGroup’s inclusivity policy ensures that our staff are recruited, developed and promoted on the basis of merit alone, whist ensuring that all recruitment and selection practices are transparent and equitable.

We ensure that there is no ‘gender pay gap’ within the organisation and that remuneration principles are based on external market data, internal relatives, level of experience and qualifications, whilst actively encouraging people from all cultural and religious backgrounds to join our organisation.

Addressing the Gender Imbalance

We actively encourage and increase female participation at all levels of the organisation through targeted recruitment and retention approaches, in order to move towards a workforce that is more representative of the communities in which we operate.

First Female Trade Apprentice at LNG  Facility for AusGroup

AusGroup welcomed Teneka Clark, our first female, local, Aboriginal  Mechanical Fitter Apprenticeship to the Wheatstone Project on 22 March 2021 following apprentice upskilling training in Perth.  She joins Aboriginal apprentice boilermakers Tremayne Green and Mitchell Thomas, who are both in the AusGroup Apprenticeship scheme.

Getting to know our LGBTQIA+ Community!

AusGroup is committed to diversifying and expanding our culture and community by developing an internal LGBTQIA+ network of employees which includes allyship team mates too.

Gender, sex and sexuality are all pretty complicated concepts – and definitely not as clear cut as some people might think. The most important thing to realise is that you’re not defined by your sexuality or gender. You’re you, and that’s awesome.

Thrive initiated an LGBTQIA+ discussion as part of their approach looking at contemporary  inclusion issues in Australia, the group definitely agreed that the LGBTQIA+ community is a not represented in any of our (AusGroup) inclusion initiatives  at present and steps to create a safe platform to evolve discussions and to embrace each other is needed.